MCM Nutrition

Case Study

The Machine Agency’s Launch of MCM Nutrition: A Family-Inspired, Keto-Focused Brand with an ‘Amazon First’ Mentality


In 2019, The Machine Agency (TMA) teamed up with MCM Nutrition, a brand that aspired to make a significant impact in the keto market. Led by co-founder Cash Riley, Jr., who had previously navigated two companies to success using an ‘Amazon First’ strategy, MCM Nutrition was named affectionately after his family—wife Monique, son Cash, and daughter Madison. This case study elucidates the strategies and outcomes of this unique and personal brand journey.


MCM Nutrition

Co-founded by Cash Riley, Jr., MCM Nutrition specialized in premium keto-friendly protein and MCT oil drinks. Inspired by his family and fueled by his experience in applying an ‘Amazon First’ approach in his previous ventures, Cash aimed to create a legacy brand.


Build a unique brand identity that would resonate in the highly competitive keto marketplace.

Engage a niche audience of keto enthusiasts effectively.

Translate Cash Riley, Jr.’s successful ‘Amazon First’ approach into exponential sales growth for MCM Nutrition.



  1. Brand Positioning & Identity:
    Incorporating Cash Riley, Jr.’s vision and family inspiration, TMA established MCM as a premium, family-centric, and scientifically-backed keto brand.
  1. Digital Presence:
    A content-rich, SEO-optimized website was developed that directed visitors seamlessly to the Amazon storefront for MCM Nutrition.
  1. Amazon-First Strategy:
    Intensive Amazon listing optimization, coupled with high-quality imagery and keyword-focused product descriptions, ensured high visibility on the platform.
  1. Social Media & Influencer Partnerships:
    Keto influencers and communities were targeted to funnel quality traffic to the Amazon product listings.

  1. Paid Advertising:
    Amazon Sponsored Products, Amazon Sponsored Brands, Amazon Sponsored Display along with Google and YouTube PPC campaigns, were strategically implemented to target keto-specific search queries.

  1. Content Marketing:
    A wide array of content—blogs, guest appearances, videos—was generated to educate the keto community and guide them to MCM Nutrition’s Amazon store.

  1. Amazon Marketing Tools:
    The strategic use of Amazon Marketing Tools, including the Vine Program for early reviews, Amazon Live for real-time customer engagement, Coupons for sales incentives, Sponsored Products for enhanced visibility, Amazon Storefront for brand consolidation, and Deal of the Day for flash sales, was instrumental in catapulting MCM Nutrition to achieve success on the platform.

  • Amazon Vine Program: Utilized to generate early reviews for new products.
  • Amazon Live: Conducted live streaming sessions to showcase products and answer consumer questions in real-time.
  • Coupons: Offered time-sensitive discounts to incentivize purchases.
  • Sponsored Products: Utilized PPC ads to improve product visibility.
  • Amazon Storefront: Created a branded store to consolidate all products.

Deal of the Day:
Participated in flash sales to boost short-term revenue.


Top Seller on Amazon:
MCM Nutrition emerged as a top-rated seller in its category within six months.

Strong Brand Identity:
Gaining features in reputed health and keto publications, the brand cemented its authority and credibility.

Skyrocketing Traffic:
A 320% rise in organic traffic was funneled effectively to Amazon, leading to a conversion rate increase of 75%.

Social Media Success:
With influencer campaigns, MCM Nutrition experienced a 480% increase in Instagram followers and a 400% jump in Facebook followers within the first year.

Exceptional Sales:
Overall sales soared by 385% in the first year, vastly exceeding initial projections to reach over 1M in sales.


The success story of MCM Nutrition is a testament to the power of combining a personalized brand vision with a data-driven ‘Amazon First’ approach. Under the guidance of Cash Riley, Jr., and with the strategic expertise of The Machine Agency, MCM Nutrition not only dominated the keto supplement category on Amazon but also built a brand that holds deep personal value, making it a true family legacy.