CRJR Partners

Case Study

Amazon Brand Partnership Program


CRJR Partners, a strategic collaborator and exclusive seller for various brands on Amazon, specializes in navigating the complexities of the Amazon platform. The firm is devoted to enhancing brand visibility, adhering to MAP policies, and providing comprehensive services including advertising, marketing logistics, customer service, and brand management to drive global growth and market dominance.


CRJR Partners aims to empower diverse brands to efficiently grow, scale, and establish a formidable presence on Amazon by overcoming inherent challenges and complexities. The objective is to formulate and implement robust advertising strategies to optimize brand visibility and drive profitable sales.


Platform Complexity: Many brands refrain from exploring Amazon due to its intricate operational and management processes.

Brand Visibility: Achieving and maintaining a solid brand presence amid Amazon’s competitive landscape is daunting for numerous brands.

Policy Adherence: Strict adherence to Amazon’s multifaceted policies, including MAP, is resource-intensive and challenging for various brands.


CRJR Partners offered an all-encompassing solution by managing the brands’ entire operations on Amazon:

Adherence to MAP Policies: Ensuring stringent compliance with the brand’s MAP policy to maintain price integrity.

Comprehensive Advertising: Utilizing Amazon Advertising solutions to bolster brand visibility and drive traffic, thereby improving conversion rates.

Optimized Logistics: Enrolling brands in Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) to streamline logistics, ensuring swift and efficient service delivery, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Brand Protection: Registering brands with Amazon Brand Registry to safeguard intellectual property and build a trustworthy and accurate brand image.

The backbone of the operation, TMA (The Management Arm), focused on seamless integration and execution of processes, allowing brands to concentrate on their core competencies.


Enhanced Brand Presence: The brands experienced a significant increase in visibility and market share, establishing a compelling presence on Amazon.

Profitable Sales: Within a quarter of launching on the platform, the brands witnessed substantial sales growth, reaping lucrative profits.

Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty: Elevated customer service and efficient delivery led to improved customer satisfaction, fostering brand loyalty.


A partnered brand, JMP Brands, reaped a 150% increase in sales within the first quarter of collaboration with CRJR Partners. The integration of advanced advertising strategies and logistics optimization during the holiday season allowed ABC Innovations to carve a niche and receive commendable customer feedback, validating the effectiveness of CRJR Partners’ comprehensive approach.


CRJR Partners’ Amazon Brand Partnership Program has emerged as an instrumental solution for brands aspiring to penetrate and thrive on the Amazon platform. By mitigating the inherent challenges and delivering end-to-end, tailored strategies and management, CRJR Partners is redefining brand success stories on Amazon, contributing to sustainable growth and market leadership.